Unembargoed: June 8 to 14

All articles in the M&G are now free to read online.

All articles in the M&G are now free to read online.

Broke SAA goes on spending spree

Since November, the new airline boss has splurged on new hires and brought in expensive consultants

New ombud in hot water over VBS

A housing scheme regulator invested R80m in the troubled bank. Now the minister has stepped in

Zuma’s supporters up the ante

As his fans plan mass action the former president warns those ‘provoking’ him to ‘keep quiet’

‘Move away from shallow history’

The basic education department’s task team says a deeper connection to the subject must be nurtured

Slice of Life: ‘I fought to get out that tiny door’

‘It was almost like a stampede; people were falling on the floor.’

KZN ‘unity’ slate on shaky ground

A faction of the ANC is threatening to put an end to the compromise package in the province

DA budgets under fire

The ANC in the Johannesburg and Nelson Mandela Bay municipalities has vowed to oppose the Democratic Alliance’s proposed budgets in both metros.

How land expropriation would work

The way in which land is expropriated is just as important as the outcomes that are achieved

Sassa strike won’t disrupt grants payouts, says public servants union

The strike is planned from June  11 and will take place on days when there are no pay outs

Coloured civic ‘bloc’ set to contest poll

But there is already polarisation, as some activists disgree with the racist rhetoric doing the rounds

Judge faces probe over labour case

A labour court judge stands accused of lying by an applicant who claims he ‘ignored’ his submissions

Homeopathic space travel isn’t rocket science

The EmDrive … is purported to produce thrust by bouncing an electromagnetic signal around inside an engine


Political tides shutter HIV programme

A tale of two cities: Durban ditches drug users while Tshwane becomes the first city in SA to pioneer and fund new ways to keep them safe

Old birth rites, new ways

Bringing a new life into the world risks taking another. Even old traditions have to adopt new ways


New advocates for the ancient gods of Nigeria

Over the centuries, Nigeria’s colonisers brought their religions with them.
But not everyone has forgotten the old gods

Tedros aims to turn the WHO around

Good things are being said about the World Health Organisation since Ethiopia’s man came on board


PIC still limping from Steinhoff blow

Underwriting a loan between the retailer and its BEE partner has cost the asset manager R3.3-billion

Slimline Old Mutual heads home

Its unbundling is expected to unlock value for investors and make it more competitive

Must Telkom pay for your wasted time?

Courts and competition tribunal will test whether the telco is liable for losses its errors have caused

Too soon for Ramaphoria to boost weak economy

Weak annual growth will put the 2018 fiscal targets outlined by the treasury in the February Budget under strain

Beware of bitcoin exchanges

There have been several major hacks so it’s best to check what security systems they have in place


No place in SA for EFF’s  ‘bro code’ politics

By showing intolerance and outright racism, the red berets are losing their status as media darlings

Editorial: We need to talk about the EFF’s wild claims

‘When Floyd Shivambu attacked Ismail Momoniat, this week, he invited scrutiny of not just his own knowledge of the way Parliament works’

Editorial: History’s crucial lessons

‘The department of education’s plan to make history compulsory for every learner throughout their schooling career is to be applauded’

Letters to the Editor: June 8 to 14

Our readers are writing in about how history lessons should put Africa first, youth summits should be done away with and divorce in Islam

Hope for thaw in KZN ANC cold war

It’s chilly in Durbs but this weekend’s provincial conference may prove even frostier

‘Clever blacks’ least of ANC’s problems

Disenchantment with the party goes way beyond the middle class to the poor and working class

Violent criminals deny us our freedom

If South Africans live in fear, then our basic freedom as a society is facing a real threat

BODY LANGUAGE: All the women in me are tired

As the initial joy of Ramadan wears off, the labour of fielding prejudice creeps in

FIFTH COLUMN: Be yourself, phone Mom ... and shop

‘The correct reply to the exhortation to “Be yourself” is, in fact, not to shop but to ask a question: “As opposed to whom?”’

Spending on education pays big dividends

But the predicted growth of countries in Africa will mean they won’t qualify for funding

Why did luck have to play such a crucial role in my education?

Education is supposed to be a universal human right. If only it were that simple

Universities’ templates of power

Words, rituals and charms borrowed from business invoke the idea of excellence


SA paintballers outsmart Russians

The new world champs — whose only strategy was to ‘have fun’ — pulled off a stunning coup in Prague

Iran’s mind won’t be on Great Satan

This time, the US has lost a chance of a rematch with real-life archrivals and mending bridges

The curse of the Pep in Yaya’s step

The Ivorian’s contentious comments offer pause for thought about his stifled career opportunities


Heartbreak in Huhudi

‘That there is no bookstore of note in a town the size of Mahikeng is one of the mysteries of our time. Indeed, that bookshops of note are generally in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Bloemfontein is unfortunate because there is a hunger for literature, from what I saw. ‘

A lens on a portfolio review

Two South African photographers were chosen to showcase and reflect on their work in New York

The brand that rode on the rise of the Lo-Lifes

When Ralph Lauren realised Polo Sport had been hijacked, the fashion house discovered a new seam

‘Nommer 37’ goes beyond its Hitchcock influence

“Nommer 37 is a movie about people, not gangsters,” goes the line director Nosipho Dumisa has been repeating in interviews about her Alfred Hitchcock-inspired film. It is a bit hackneyed for a film that doesn’t need to explain its Cape Flats setting.

Art ‘doesn’t give a shit’ about price

American filmmaker Nathaniel Kahn explores different perspectives on the value of art

Music in search of the way home

For Itai Hakim, it is about knowing where you come from and also to not lose your way in life 

Giant of comedy is not a joke

Goliath and Goliath are establishing a nationwide circuit that will open doors for other comedians

Weaving rugs into works of art

The founder of textile business The Ninevites wants to move away from the idea of craft as something you buy at the local flea market

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