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AU suspends Madagascar over ‘coup’

Madagascar was suspended from the African Union and threatened with sanctions on Friday, days after the army-backed toppling of the president.

AU elects Gadaffi as new chief

Libyan leader Moammar Gadaffi vowed on Monday to push for the creation of a ''United States of Africa'', as he was elected head of the African Union.

Ethiopia court sentences ex-dictator Mengistu to death

Ethiopia's Supreme Court sentenced former dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam to death in his absence on Monday, along with 17 senior officials of his regime, overturning a previous life term on appeal. The court followed the request of the prosecution to toughen the sentence imposed in January 2007 on Mengistu.

African Union hails success of Comoros operation

The military operation to oust the rebel leader of the Comoros island of Anjouan was hailed on Friday as a success by the African Union, in dire need of a boost to its conflict-resolution record. The first ever AU-backed plan to remove a renegade leader came after failed negotiations.

Ethiopia ushers in the year 2000

Ethiopia entered the third millennium seven years after the rest of the world on Wednesday, amid lavish celebrations, religious fervour and messages of hope from the troubled country's leaders. As the giant countdown board in central Addis Ababa flashed the year 2000, thousands of faithful gathered in churches.

Some Ethiopians cringe at lavish millennium bash

As they prepare to mark the year 2000 seven years after the rest of the world, Ethiopians are torn between pride in a unique culture and uneasiness at the extravaganza planned to mark the occasion. Concerts by, exhibitions and other events are expected to shine an unusually positive light on a country mired in poverty and conflict.

African Union mulls more troops for Darfur

The African Union met Thursday to encourage member states to put more troops into the Darfur peacekeeping mission approved by the United Nations Security Council. Ambassadors to the pan-African body gathered at its Addis Ababa headquarters to discuss the force, which faces the daunting task of stabilising the war-torn western Sudanese region.

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