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Tourists attacked, kidnapped in Ethopia

Four people, including two foreign tourists, have been kidnapped by gunmen, after an attack on a group in Ethopia's Afar region.

Kenya vows to smash al-Shabaab ‘menace’

Kenya will end its campaign against the al-Shabaab rebels in Somalia when it is satisfied it has stripped the group of its capacity to attack.

One dead, dozens injured in second Nairobi blast

Two grenade blasts killed one and wounded more than 20 in Nairobi, apparently in retaliation for Kenya's hunt for al-Shabaab insurgents in Somalia.

SA laments Mogadishu bombings

SA has bemoaned the suicide bomb attack that killed 70 people in Mogadishu, while Somalia's Prime Minister urged aid workers not to stay away.

Millions of lives threatened in the Horn of Africa

Across the Horn of Africa, a fierce drought is forcing more than 10-million people to rely on emergency food aid, up from a forecast of six-million.

Somalia faces ‘world’s worst humanitarian disaster’

Rasheed Hassan had to walk out on his son when he fled war in his native Somalia to go to neighbouring Ethiopia.

Libya calls on AU to join fight against ‘Western colonisers’

Libya wants the African Union to invoke a mutual defence pact to deal with Western air strikes that seek to "punish Africa ... and colonise it again".

Côte d’Ivoire ‘s Ouattara rejects AU power-sharing call

Côte d'Ivoire presidential claimant Allasane Ouattara rejected on Friday an African Union call to share power with defeated president Laurent Gbagbo.

Equatorial Guinea new AU chair

Equatorial Guinea's President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo replaced Malawi's leader as African Union chairperson on Sunday.

Ethiopians want more from sacred Nile waters

While the land where the Nile originates is constantly ravaged by drought, downstream countries get the full benefit of its water.

‘King of kings’ Gadaffi muscles back into AU

Months after reluctantly handing over the AU presidency, Libya's Moammar Gadaffi has tried once again to stamp his authority on the body's agenda.

AU to hold special summit in Libya

The African Union will on Monday hold a special summit in Libya on the eve of the 40th anniversary of Moammar Gadaffi's coup.

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