Adam Plowright

Cellphone design tones down for ‘grey market’

It could be the answer to grandma's prayers: a cellphone designed specifically for the over-65s that aims to take the fear out of technology and get the elderly connected. A small Austrian company shrugged off the buzz of innovation at the 3GSM cellphone trade show this week and showcased a simple handset for the "grey market".

World economy on upwards path, says OECD

Industrialised economies are heading for growth of 3% this year, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said on Tuesday, suggesting that interest rates in the eurozone and United States could rise further but that the Bank of Japan should be cautious.

Heatwave gathers pace again across Europe

Europeans struggled through another day of blazing sunshine and rising temperatures on Tuesday as a heatwave that has killed about 40 people in the past two weeks intensified. Temperatures were again on the march towards their forecast apogee on Wednesday or Thursday.

Electronic music festivals hit back against rock revival

The recent rock and punk revival is set to put guitar bands in the limelight again at this summer's festivals across Europe, but the electronic music scene is fighting back with events of its own where vinyl and samplers rule. The undisputed leader is the Sonar festival in Barcelona, Spain, which runs from June 15 to 17.

The sound of cancer

British electronic music whizz Matthew Herbert is hoping to become the first musician ever to use the sound of cancer in a dance track. The London-based musician is working on the follow-up album to <i>Plat du Jour</i>, released worldwide this year, which was made using sampled recordings of food to raise awareness about the industrialisation of modern farming methods.

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