Daphne Benoit

Despite West’s help, Ukraine forces vastly outnumbered by Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin, whose country had massed some 150 000 troops on the border in recent months, on Thursday ordered military operations against Ukraine.

Iran’s anti-US strikes: measured, but not final response

Tehran wanted to appear decisive to calm a clamour for revenge, without provoking President Donald Trump to unleash all-out armed conflict

Classified note confirms French weaponry in Yemen: report

Rights groups have regularly accused Paris of being complicit in alleged war crimes committed in Yemen

Trapped Haitian rescued after 12 days

Stunned rescuers in Haiti pulled out a man still alive after an amazing 12 days under the rubble.

Al-Qaeda ‘still very capable’ of attacking the US

Eight years after the September 11 attacks, al-Qaeda remains a tenacious enemy, but Americans are growing weary of the fight against terror.

Gates eyes pause in US troop cuts in Iraq

United States Defence Secretary Robert Gates said in Baghdad on Monday he was in favour of a short pause in troop drawdowns from Iraq after about 30 000 soldiers have been sent home by July. Gates said the security situation in Baghdad remained ''fragile'', a comment echoed on the streets of the capital, which was rocked by two car bombings.

World’s biggest airliner to become a private jet

Attention hip-hop stars and billionaires: the world's biggest airliner, the 73m-long Airbus A380 super jumbo, has been ordered by a mysterious buyer for private use. The order could be seen as setting new heights in the private-jet sector, leaving the Learjet, which used to be the ultimate symbol of ostentatious air travel, in second class.

Airlines dragged down by fuel costs

Surging oil prices continue to weigh heavily on airlines' earnings around the world, as carriers press hard to cut costs so rising fuel costs do not eat into revenue generated by a rise in passenger traffic. After a three-year slump, international passenger and cargo traffic has risen by 8,3% since the beginning of the year.

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