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Indonesia expands search for bodies from AirAsia crash

Officials fear that bodies and wreckage from AirAsia Flight 8501 might have drifted in the past week due to bad weather.

Dozens trapped as Indonesia quake toll rises

Rescue workers on Indonesia's Java Island searched by hand on Thursday for dozens of people trapped by an earthquake that killed at least 46.

Ships converge on possible Indonesian plane-crash site

Indonesian and United States ships sailed on Tuesday to where investigators believe metal objects detected on the sea bed could be the wreckage of a missing passenger plane. The large objects were detected by sonar in an area of ocean off Indonesia where search-and-rescue teams have been hunting for traces of a plane carrying 102 passengers and crew.

Indonesia expands search for missing plane

Indonesia beefed up its search for a missing passenger plane on Sunday, despatching more spotter aircraft to try to locate the jet nearly a week after its mysterious disappearance. Relatives of missing passengers, who were allowed to overfly part of the search area, admitted it put the scale of the task into perspective.

Still no sign of missing Indonesian passenger jet

United States and Singapore air-force planes were on Thursday set to join a massive air, land and sea search for a missing Indonesian passenger jet with 102 people on board. The Adam Air Boeing 737-400, with 96 passengers and six crew, vanished from radar screens on Monday.

Aid finally reaches isolated Indonesian flood victims

Aid has finally reached the most isolated areas of Sumatra island a week after flash floods killed more than 100 people and forced 400 000 to flee, Indonesian officials said on Friday. Relief workers had faced problems with slow and limited supplies, as well as access difficulties due to the floods and landslides which have destroyed roads and bridges in worst-hit Aceh

Rescuers struggle to reach Indonesian flood victims

Indonesian troops and rescue workers were on Wednesday struggling to deliver food supplies to thousands of people stranded for at least five days by floods that have claimed 115 lives. Torrential rains last week triggered flash floods and landslides that have forced more than 400 000 people to flee their homes.

Indonesia marks tsunami anniversary amid tragedy

Indonesia on Tuesday marked the second anniversary of the Indian Ocean tsunami that killed 168 000 people in Aceh as the province suffered a new disaster. Aceh bore the brunt of the massive tsunami triggered by a 9,3-magnitude earthquake off the coast of Sumatra island in 2004.

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