Alexander G Higgins

Georgia-Russia talks off to a shaky start

The first high-level talks between Russia and Georgia since their war broke down on Wednesday.

Tutu urges UN body to show concern for Israelis

Archbishop Desmond Tutu has appealed to the UN Human Rights Council to show concern for protecting Israelis from Palestinian attacks.

Nationalists obtain record high in Swiss elections

The nationalist Swiss People's Party received the highest vote recorded to date for an individual political party in Switzerland, after a bitter campaign blaming foreigners for much of the country's crime, according to official results released on Monday. The Federal Statistics Office put the party on 29% after Sunday's elections.

Cellphone boom boosts global reach of telephones

The boom in cellphones in developing countries has pushed the number of telephone subscribers in the world to four billion, four times the number a decade ago, the United Nations telecommunications agency said on Tuesday. The increase has been especially strong in developing countries such as Brazil, China and India.

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