Amal Jayasinghe
Bureau Chief, Sri Lanka / Maldives, Agence France - Presse (AFP)
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/ 27 January 2007

Sri Lanka sinks rebel boats to foil port attack

Sri Lanka’s navy attacked and destroyed three Tamil Tiger boats on Saturday as the rebels launched their first assault on the port of Colombo in 10 years, the Defence Ministry said. Naval craft blew up one boat after the three were spotted near a restricted zone before chasing and sinking the other two, leaving an unknown number of casualties, the ministry said.

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/ 17 October 2006

Black Tigers: The deadliest suicide bombers

The Tamil Tigers’ latest suicide bomb attack, the deadliest in the island’s history, has illustrated that the rebel army still ranks as a master of the tactic. The elite band of "Black Tigers" is regarded by guerrilla supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran as a "protective armour" and one of the most effective weapons in his battle for an independent homeland for ethnic Tamils.

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/ 16 June 2006

Sri Lanka bombs rebels but vows peace

Sri Lanka’s president vowed on Friday not to allow the killing of 64 bus passengers derail the island’s peace process as the air force bombarded Tamil Tiger positions for a second straight day. President Mahinda Rajapakse insited the Norwegian-brokered process would not be allowed to collapse following Thursday’s Claymore mine attack on the bus.