Andile Zulu

Cliff and Steenhuisen are wrong. Here’s why race matters in South Africa

Both the podcast host and the leader of the Democratic Alliance believe in a toothless non-racialism that ignores the historical foundation of racism and the pain it inflicts in the present

South Africans are trapped in a ‘Squid Game’

‘Squid Game’ is an explicit critique of the current mode of capitalism. But far too much popular discourse has overlooked or neglected its sociopolitical messages.

Why is Jacob Zuma still so popular?

The former president and the ‘RET’ faction will not bring the changes South Africa sorely needs

Racial capitalism destroys ubuntu

South Africans’ behaviour and attitudes show that poor black working-class people, and black women in particular, are denied their innate humanity

The ANC is a postcolonial disappointment

How Frantz Fanon’s dire predictions about the postcolony are coming true in South Africa

Exploitation rules global porn industry

Porn stars and sex workers are badly treated — they should be protected by the law

We have become spectators in our own democracy

The discontent we feel must mobilise citizens towards agitating for radical change, not aimless rebellion

Condemnation of UCT lecturer misses context

Groups slam UCT professor’s Hitler comment without an understanding of the lecture’s purpose

Do monarchies in Africa serve their people?

We must ask difficult questions about our cultures and begin reinventing our futures, writes Andile Zulu

The heavy price of pushing masculinity

In the frantic pursuit of patriarchal ideas of manhood, boys often lose their ability to love — this paves the way for cruelty and violence

No one should be as rich as Elon Musk

The reactions to Elon Musk’s billionaire status are evidence that far too many South Africans have not fully grasped the destructive consequences of inequality. Entrepreneur...

Political elites, not foreigners, are to blame for South Africa’s problems

What if we told foreigners to voetsek? We have fallen victim to the illusion of scarcity. And we are led to wrongly believe immigrants are a threat

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