Andile Zulu

What is at the root of white anxiety in post-apartheid South Africa?

Some white people think any discussion of racism or its legacy is an attempt to shame or condemn them for the ‘sin’ of their whiteness

Andile Zulu: The black elite will continue to fail us

The idea of race and the tenacity of racial inequality are deployed by elites to divert attention from their criminality and to silence critical dissidence

Dear Operation Dudula: Powerful elites, not migrants, are your enemy

The removal of migrants won’t stop the job crisis, end crime, fix the schooling system or the police service, repair hospitals, and end poverty

Divorce jobs from access to basic services

Job creation should not be the peak of our ambition. We could decommodify life’s necessities instead

ANC and neoliberalism: Why the aversion to a fairer economy?

Inequality is a moral crime. We can imagine better systems, so why does the ANC hold on to neoliberalism?

Andile Zulu: Sisulu obfuscates the true nature of power in South Africa

Power in post-apartheid South Africa lies with the party, the state and capital. The tourism minister masks her complicity with bad governance, and being part of the economic and political elite.

Radical economic transformation ‘bullshit’ won’t change lives of poor

Lindiwe Sisulu and other power and prosperity seekers in the ANC had the authority to improve the lives of ‘the people’, but didn’t

The ‘prosperity gospel’ excuses poverty and its true causes in Africa

You can’t tackle issues like poverty until you understand their root causes. Pastors who focus on self-enrichment through misleading their congregations misdiagnose these causes. That’s dangerous.

Masses lulled by South Africa’s wealthy and powerful

The people need to remove their blinkers and reclaim their minds to achieve a better future

The refreshing nostalgia of Silk Sonic

Silk Sonic’s adventurous nostalgia is not a testimony to older music being better but rather the artists offer a listening experience that is refreshing because it is so different to what popular ears have become accustomed to

Cliff and Steenhuisen are wrong. Here’s why race matters in South Africa

Both the podcast host and the leader of the Democratic Alliance believe in a toothless non-racialism that ignores the historical foundation of racism and the pain it inflicts in the present

South Africans are trapped in a ‘Squid Game’

‘Squid Game’ is an explicit critique of the current mode of capitalism. But far too much popular discourse has overlooked or neglected its sociopolitical messages.

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