Andrew Hammond

Abe plays Trump to counter ‘China rising’

The political power gap created by the US president gives Japan a chance to reimagine itself.

EU faces tumultuous 2017: Nationalism, rise of the right, and US-Russia-China

Continental Europe could provide a lodestar on whether right-wing populism will continue to find fertile electoral ground.

Trumpism hurts Brand America

Barack Obama did much to repair the US’s image internationally but that is being rapidly undone

​Will Trump trash Brand America?

US President Donald Trump could tip his country’s global image back into the negative if he continues to spout his campaign rhetoric.

Far-right parties on march to change Europe’s political complexion

Anti-establishment forces, emboldened by Donald Trump's US victory, pose a real threat to leftist and centrist candidates in upcoming polls.

World Economic Forum meeting in Davos takes place at turbulent moment

World leaders will discuss the political turbulence of 2016, which has been decades in the making and not all to do with the 2008 financial crisis.

UK leader warns of the rise of ‘fringe politics’

The failure to deliver reforms to voters disillusioned with the British elites will push them towards politicians with bizarre policies.

Obama will bid farewell knowing Trump may thump his legacy

US president’s final speech will include his achievements, particularly of his oft-criticised foreign policy.

Security is the EU issue for 2017

Terror attacks, pressure from the right wing and Russian assertiveness are focusing the attention of the union.

​2016: The year of the election ballot consultant

The doctors of spin are going to have a busy 2017 given the number of polls worldwide, writes Andrew Hammond.

​Afghanistan’s gains remain vulnerable

Without some sort of deal with the Taliban, the withdrawal of US forces could be a disaster.

​Italy’s shock referendum result will unsettle a number of European leaders

Politically, the ‘no’ vote in Sunday’s referendum could potentially whip up fresh turmoil in Europe, writes Andrew Hammond.

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