Andrew Hammond

G20 may be most remarkable since 2009

It is not just the splits in the West that could make this year’s G20 memorable.

Trump’s Europe trip highlights low global standing of ‘brand America’

Mexican wall, Muslim travel ban and rejection of the Paris climate deal rejection are key reasons

China on charm offensive at World Economic Forum

Beijing’s deficit of ‘soft power’ – foreign policy and political values – limits its rise to global power

Security decisions will shape EU politics, economics

A new integration agenda may be possible, given that the Eurosceptic wave seems to be retreating.

Macron faces hurdles, despite massive boost

France's youngest president in the six decade-long Fifth Republic has transformed the country’s political landscape in a matter of weeks

Brics meet at key point in battle against global inequality

The Brics are driving income equality but this could reverse if emerging market growth slows and income inequality within countries accelerates

As UK goes to polls, May’s gamble on calling a snap election looks increasingly risky

The prime minister is unlikely to get unequivocal backing for the  ‘hard’ Brexit she’d envisioned.

Trump sours agreement at G7 on climate change, refugee crisis

The US president's G7 blocking manoeuvres meant that low expectations for the summit in Sicily were realised

North Korea tension tops China-Russia agenda

Closer ties between China and Russia has helped the two countries to work toward stronger, common positions on key regional and global issues.

Will Trump stick to ‘America first’ or build bridges with Nato, Europe and G7?

The US president’s foray into geopolitics moves from the Middle East to a Europe uncertain of what his international policy is.

Iran’s next step is a defining moment

The next president will decide the country’s long-term future and its links with the world

Macron’s march forward depends on next month’s election

Macron's presidency rests next month’s two-round legislative election and whether on En Marche! emerges with a legislative majority

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