Andrew Hammond

Iran’s next step is a defining moment

The next president will decide the country’s long-term future and its links with the world

Macron’s march forward depends on next month’s election

Macron's presidency rests next month’s two-round legislative election and whether on En Marche! emerges with a legislative majority

Macron’s optimistic centrist vision for France

Should the French vote against the populist Le Pen as president it will show that the rise of the far right can be limited.

​Trump’s frenzied first 100 days of foreign policy

The US president's period in office so far has been more noticeable for his reversing of previous campaign rhetoric and pledges, than fulfilling them.

May’s poll bombshell a shrewd move

The prime minister seeks a clear mandate from voters to pursue her ‘hard Brexit’ agenda

US-Russia relations in deep freeze?

The spike in Washington-Moscow tensions over Syria dominated the two countries' bilateral discussion on Wednesday.

Brexit poised to turn UK politics and society on its head

Conversely, the Liberal Democrats are seeking to make political capital through steadfast opposition to Brexit.

Faltering Trump needs to turn his presidency around

Everything the brash US president has done since his election reveals chaos, incompetence and ill-advised decisions that are splitting the country.

Dutch say no to far-right populism

Most Netherlands voters have rejected the ‘Dutch Trump’, but his rhetoric is hitting home for some

Winner or not, ‘Dutch Trump’ will rattle the Netherlands

Geert Wilders may win votes with his far-right stance – but he won’t become prime minister.

Brexit mooted as catalyst that makes or breaks EU alliance

On the eve of a two-day summit to trigger Article 50 comes a white paper outlining future scenarios for the bloc, which faces increasing threats.

Trump’s pugnacious foreign policy agenda

Despite an ideologically conflicted Congress, Donald Trump continues to 'put America first'.

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