Andrew Moore

Social networking teens

Recently I got a peek into the world of teenage communication via social networking services and sites. Because of the hard economic times, I thought I should start using the MXit service ( to check out the super-low costs of text messaging.

Excel in Excel

By this stage of the school year the marks are beginning to come in and the old mark book needs readying for the new data. I know teachers who make elaborate cut-outs to try make the mark book more efficient and easy to use.

Picture this!

The other day I watched with pride when a group of learners presented a collage of images taken during a history excursion to a local museum.

Do you need that computer?

Everywhere you turn these days the buzz is about computers and the part they should play in schooling: parents want IT, learners are calling for IT and the department of education's White Paper encourages schools to use more IT. It seems every vendor out there is trying to push a “package” at you and your school.

Getting started

Expectations and more expectations. Sometimes it feels as if everyone is demanding a teacher's time and attention. We teachers sometimes feel as if there is something - or someone - coming at us from every direction.

A teacher’s bank

Have you ever been dissatisfied with a particular lesson? Let's be realistic, we all give lessons from time to time that we are not proud of. We either feel we did too much speaking or the lesson was all about content and did little to address specific outcomes or assessment standards.

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