Andrew Verrijdt

When tit-for-tat is self-defeating

This strategy from game theory, useful in many situations, doesn’t work for depression

Dear MTN and Vodacom, don’t dictate to us how to use the internet

By trying to bully services like WhatsApp and Skype, MTN and Vodacom are unlevelling the online playing field.

Sex fallacies must be laid to rest

The school curriculum doesn't cover having 'good' sex, so the youth consult their phones.

SA should pull out of Winter Olympics in Russia

The world should not let Russia get away with its brazenly abusive stance on homosexual people, writes Andrew Verrijdt.

Net censorship won’t stop child porn

Local legislators should not follow the UK prime minister's ill-advised plan, says Andrew Verrijdt.

Teens have sex. Get over it

Attempting to legislate against teen sexuality is just not going to work, says Andrew Verrijdt.

The right to life – and death

However much we abhor the idea, the choice is personal and should be respected

Mental health dossier has more than a dose of madness

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is one of the most important documents in all of medicine, psychology and psychiatry.

There is a crisis, minister

There are ways in which teachers can compensate for government's incompetence.

Suffer the sense of belonging

Recent allegations about the rape initiation of a pupil at a rugby camp raises the question of why such practices exist in our supposedly modern era.

Apartheid psychology persists in schools

Few people realise how far South Africa's education system has come since the dawn of democracy in 1994.

Mbeki, Twitter and the Return of ‘The Expert’

Thabo Mbeki's scepticism of social media's role in democracy may seem outdated but the fact is there's a lot of nonsense floating around online.

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