Angela K Brown

Late Captain America back from the dead?

Comic-book hero Captain America may not be back from the dead, but he is back -- sort of. After Marvel Comics unexpectedly killed off the champion of liberty and the American way earlier this year, he appears in a comic made exclusively for United States soldiers. He is seen on a videotape made before his death.

No reprieve from heavy rain for Texas, Oklahoma

Flood-weary residents of Texas and Oklahoma had no reprieve on Friday as more rain fell in a region where two weeks of storms have swollen rivers and lakes beyond their limits. A state of emergency was in place for all of Oklahoma on Friday, and flood watches and warnings were posted for river communities.

Hundreds flock to Bigfoot convention

While they can have a sense of humour about it, the search for the legendary Sasquatch is no joke for many of the nearly 400 people who attended the Texas Bigfoot Conference to discuss the latest sightings and tracking techniques. Outlandish theories about the origin of Bigfoot abound.

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