Angelique Serrao

Sars suspends customs investigator described as ‘one of the last jedis’

Kumaran Moodley was the last team member of Project Honey Badger, a unit at the tax agency which investigated customs and border offences.

Paul O’Sullivan released from custody by order of high court

Forensic investigator Paul O'Sullivan was released from custody by order of the High Court in Pretoria late on Monday night.

REVEALED: SARS’s secret plot against the M&G

Clandestine meeting held to thwart M&G investigation into SARS commissioner Tom Moyane's relationship with President Jacob Zuma

Former Sars spokesperson says Tom Moyane accused him of conspiracy

The South African Revenue Service commissioner did not give Adrian Lackay information so that he could answer media queries about a "rogue unit".

#SarsWars: Pravin Gordhan tells national treasury staff the Guptas are out to get him

President Jacob Zuma has expressed his full confidence in the finance minister, but said he cannot stop any investigations into individuals.

Paul O’Sullivan blames legal woes on his attempts to expose ‘Zupta-led criminals’

Before his arrest, O’Sullivan sent e-mails to police threatening to expose alleged corrupt activities by President Zuma and police officials.

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