Angus Shaw

Mugabe: I’m not a colonial product

Despite his strict West-inspired dress code and use of English, Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe says he is African through and through.

Zanu-PF veterans fill Robert Mugabe’s new Cabinet

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe has sworn in a Cabinet consisting of party loyalists without retaining any members of the opposition.

Zimbabwe finds new hangman, Amnesty fears new executions

Amnesty International says it fears Zimbabwe will resume executions after prison officials were quoted saying they have found a new hangman.

March polls impossible, say Zimbabwe monitors

A Zimbabwean independent monitoring group says it is impossible to hold free and fair elections in March when President Robert Mugabe wants the polls.

Mugabe assures new Zim Constitution is on track

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has assured regional leaders that the adoption of a new Constitution is on track, ahead of proposed elections.

Zim police target MDC supporters

Police have fired tear gas to disperse supporters of Zimbabwe Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's MDC party outside a courthouse.

Mugabe calls for an end to political violence

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has asked that political violence be "buried in the past", surprising people at Zimbabwe's independence celebrations.

Zim general’s death cleared of foul play

An inquest has ruled out foul play in the fiery death of former army commander Solomon Mujuru a top power broker in President Robert Mugabe's party.

Only cowards don’t want elections, says Mugabe

President Robert Mugabe says elections will "definitely" happen this year, calling politicians who say polls should be held in 2013 "cowards".

Report: Mugabe’s loyalists squirrelling diamond money

Global Witness has said mining officials loyal to President Robert Mugabe are stashing profits from Zimbabwe's diamond fields off shore.

Doubts raised about Mujuru’s cause of death

Suspicion that General Solomon Mujuru was murdered by political rivals had been raised after testimony before an inquest into his death ended.

Zim police call short Anglican prayer retreat

Zimbabwean police have stopped a clergy retreat over claims that their prayer gathering was not given police clearance under sweeping security laws.

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