Anton Krueger

Yann Marrusich: Artistic blue blood

Yann Marrusich's acclaimed, mysterious "Bleu Remix" will be performed in Cape Town on Tuesday evening.

Like a puppet on a string

Handspring Puppet Company, the multi award-winning team of puppeteers and dramatists, has committed its process to paper at exactly the right time.

Recording a petulant soul

Ronnie Govender's autobiography shows he is a triple-threat man -- in sports, the theatre and literature.

Deconstructing South Africa’s divisions

Anton Krueger spoke to novelist and dramatist Craig Higginson about his second play, <i>Dream of the Dog</i>

Writing on a high

The effects of the holy herb can be felt while reading the words of Thomas Pynchon, writes Anton Krueger.

From both sides of the track

Anton Krueger reviews PC Feller's <i>Fall of the Leaf </i> and Montague Bentley's <i>Wide Boy</i>.

The revival of Brit gonzo

A new breed of documentary writers is choosing candour and humour over authoritativeness, writes Anton Krueger.

Comedy crackdown at Pretoria theatre

Rian van Heerden sees his virulently opinionated show <i>Onbesny</i> as a form of therapy, writes Anton Krueger.

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