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Chinese e-cigarettes gain ground amid safety concerns

With its slim white body and glowing amber tip, it can easily pass as a regular cigarette. It even emits what look like curlicues of white smoke.

Landslides cause 7 000 to be evacuated in China

About 7 000 residents have been evacuated in south China after landslides caused by heavy rain damaged homes amid stormy weather, which has wreaked havoc in the region for days and killed dozens of people, state media said. The evacuees moved out of their homes in Heping County in Guangdong province after a series of landslides hit the area.

Quake in China: ‘I felt very strong shocks’

Zhang Xuping and his family dashed out of their home as soon as they felt the ground shaking. Minutes later, their neighbour was killed and buildings near them collapsed as a strong earthquake rolled through their village in central China. The quake killed 15 people and injured more than 450 others in two provinces.

China upset by EU stance on textiles

China lashed out at the European Union on Sunday after the 25-nation bloc took its dispute with Chinese textile imports to the World Trade Organisation, forcing an immediate curb in shipments of T-shirts and flax yarn. European and United States textile-makers say their livelihoods have been threatened by a surge in Chinese exports.

Nike TV ad ‘insults China’s dignity’

China has banned a Nike television commercial showing United States basketball star LeBron James in a battle with a cartoon kung fu master, saying the ad insults Chinese national dignity. The commercial was broadcast on local Chinese stations and on state television's national sports channel before being pulled last month.

Potty talk in China

Beijing hopes the smelly reputation of its public restrooms will be, well, flushed down the toilet soon. City officials will use the 2004 World Toilet Summit, starting on November 17, to showcase efforts to transform the capital's lavatories from foul to fragrant, from crude to cultured.

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