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Tireless Sudanese protesters take on the generals — again

In 2019 Sudan’s Omar al-Bashir was ousted after a massive wave of protests. But the generals who replaced him won’t hand over power. Now the flames of revolution are being rekindled.

Border tensions mount between Sudan, Ethiopia

Skirmishes between forces continue despite government calls for peace in a region already torn apart by ethnic conflicts

Covid-19’s second wave hits Sudan harder and faster

The pandemic has helped to expose the dire state of Sudan’s healthcare system, which lacks both equipment and medical personnel

Darfuris fear their new protectors

For 13 years, United Nations and African Union peacekeepers have been stationed in the Sudanese region of Darfur.

Sudan’s government gambles over fuel-subsidy cuts — and people pay the price

Economists question the manner in which the transitional government partially cut fuel subsidies

Not everyone is happy about Sudan snuggling up with Israel

Once Tel Aviv’s sworn enemy, Khartoum is apparently ready to end hostilities, but Sudanese refugees fear they may be deported

Doctors under siege in Sudan

Healthcare workers in the country are quitting because of assaults and inadequate PPE

Sudanese courts rob the poor

Punitive fines are used to raise revenues, and women are the biggest target

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