Barbara Goldberg

Playboy drops nude pictures, can’t compete in digital pornography age

Playboy magazine will stop publishing "passe" pictures of fully nude women, as part of a new strategy to stem falling circulation.

US celebrates Independence Day under watchful eyes of police

People across the US have gathered for parades, picnics and fireworks to celebrate July 4 under unprecedented security following the Boston bombings.

Boston’s tweeters offer aid to marathon runners

As smoke cleared from the bomb blasts at the Boston Marathon, runners were comforted by acts of kindness carried out by city residents offering help.

Riotous crowds mar US Black Friday shopping

Black Friday turned into mayhem as riotous crowds brawled over video games, waffle irons and towels, drawing international condemnation.

Snickering encouraged at caricature exhibit

Snickering is strongly encouraged at a new exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

New York’s same-sex marriage law spurs engagements

Euphoria over New York State's legalisation of same-sex marriage promised to turn the annual gay pride parade here into an enormous engagement party.

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