Barbara Ludman

Emerging Voices – Lingering Legacy of a tragic past

The legacy of apartheid has left schools in rural areas in a poor state contributing to poverty in these areas. The Emerging Voices report stresses that education must be at the heart of any poverty-reduction programme and looks at the need to improve the quality of education through the participation of rural communities.

Farewell to a valued ally

Anthony Sampson, who passed away recently, was a fine journalist and an award-winning author of several books dissecting Britain, the oil industry and the arms trade. He was also the editor of Drum magazine in the 1950s. And nearly 20 years ago, he played a crucial role in the survival of a new, fearless tabloid, The Weekly Mail (WM), the Mail & Guardian's forerunner.

Bloody hands

John Does found in mine shafts, wives who knocked off their husbands, accidental spies and more, Barbara Ludman digs deep in her bag of the latest gripping crime thrillers.

Moeletsi in new attack on BEE

The current model of black economic empowerment (BEE), focused on transferring equity rather than encouraging entrepreneurship, has created a culture of entitlement and dependency in the black middle class, says outspoken businessman Moeletsi Mbeki.

Rewriting history

Review: 1421: the year china discovered the world by Gavin Menzies (Bantam)

Vlok falls from political grace

Within a fortnight, Vlok had been removed from the Law and Order Ministry and given a less sensitive portfolio.

The market forces of theatre pay

Last year, actor Anthony Fridjhon filed 48 IRP5 forms, primarily from ad agencies, film and audio-visual companies.

Maybe things happen faster in Africa

It was also a prophetic poster, because printed at the bottom was the legend "Everyday is June 16".

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