Ben Hirschler
Ben Hirschler works from London. Former #Reuters global pharmaceuticals correspondent in London. Now freelance writer and consultant. Ben Hirschler has over 20034 followers on Twitter.
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/ 26 February 2008

Malaria can be beaten in many places, say researchers

Malaria kills one child every 30 seconds, yet in many parts of the world the disease is hanging on by a thread and could be wiped out by concerted action, researchers said on Tuesday.The research shows nearly half the 2,37-billion people at risk from the mosquito-borne killer live in areas where the chance of actually catching the disease is less than 0,01% a year.

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/ 24 October 2007

Whose DNA? Forensic boom stokes ethical fears

In September 1987, Colin Pitchfork, a baker from central England, became the first criminal in the world to be caught by DNA evidence, for the rape and murder of two 15-year-old girls. He was sentenced to life imprisonment the following January. Twenty years on, analysing DNA from blood, hair, saliva or semen at crime scenes is ubiquitous and has helped solve hundreds of thousands of crimes.

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/ 18 July 2007

Hurricanes in the Mediterranean?

Global warming could trigger hurricanes over the Mediterranean sea, threatening one of the world’s most densely populated coastal regions, according to European scientists. A new study shows a rise of three degrees Celsius in average temperatures could set the storms off in the enclosed Mediterranean in future.