Ben Kelly

The great Samsung S IV battle

An Apple groupie goes up against a Samsung fanboy to debate the release of the new Samsung S IV.

Tomb Raider: Welcome to the new Lara Croft

The latest Tomb Raider is a complete reboot of the popular title, with a fresh-faced Lara Croft that is more character than sex.

Red hot pandemonium at Soccer City

Organisation of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers concert at Soccer City left a great deal to be desired, writes Ben Kelly.

Mapping the future

Survey finds that small and medium businesses as well as corporates use digital mapping as one of the tools to drive smarter business decisions.

At last we get another bite of the apple

Apple's iTunes music service finally arrived on South African shores, nine years after it debuted in the United States.

Thing of beauty: Articulate yourself in cool retro style

Sadly, most of the external microphones on the market look as though they have been designed by the same group of taste-deficient designers.

Banks linked to Facebook fiasco

The listing of social media giant Facebook has turned into more of a damp squib than the celebration of the age of social media it was supposed to be

iPad, therefore I love computers

The tablet has revolutionised the way its enthusiastic users work, live and play.

Josie Field — delivering the goods

Josie Field's third studio album, <i>1984</i>, delivers everything that her fans would expect her to and more.

The top projects from South Africa

Danielle Boer from St Dominic's Academy undertook a project to see if playing music in factories would increase workers' productivity and mood.

Taking science to the fair

Lack of funds slows progress in growing local science expo.

DStv mobile hits the market

Besides some obvious limitations, the service fills a gap between radio and television writes <b>Ben Kelly</b>.

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