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I’ll be back, promises Kilgore

Former Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) member James Kilgore on Friday formally consented to his extradition to face criminal charges in the United States.

Mr Condom lets fly at Thabo Mbeki

One of the reasons Aids was such a low priority at the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) was possibly that it had to do with sex, and a lot of political leaders did not understand sex, said UNAids ambassador Mechai Viravaidya.

Harksen’s estate wants ‘DA cash’ back

The trustees of Jurgen Harksen's insolvent estate have set the wheels in motion to reclaim a sum of DM99 000 which they believe the German donated to the Democratic Alliance.

Morkel gets a grilling at Desai Commission

Embattled Cape Town mayor Gerald Morkel was grilled to a turn as he struggled to explain to the Desai Commission whether he would have accepted a donation from fraud suspect Jurgen Harksen.

Boesak free on Sunday, says judge was prejudiced

At midnight on Sunday, convicted cleric Allan Boesak will be a free man again.

Changing the way the world uses water

Global food supply will be at risk if the world does not change the way it uses water, according to a report by two international research bodies released on Wednesday.

Blair calls for open markets

British Prime Minister Tony Blair has urged rich nations to open up their markets to the developing world -- especially for agricultural products.

Harksen’s brownie points and the DA

A former associate of German fraud suspect Jurgen Harksen has told the Desai commission that he wrote out a half-a-million rand cheque as a donation for the Democratic Alliance on Harksen's instructions.

Harksen says he was told to lie by Morkel’s lawyer

Alleged German fraudster Jurgen Harksen has claimed that Gerald Morkel's lawyer phoned him on the eve of his latest round of testimony to the Desai Commission, urging him to stick to a particular version of events.

Kilgore must face ‘his debt to society’

All John Kilgore's good behaviour since his Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) days could not absolve him of his debt to society, a son of SLA victim Myrna Opsahl said on Thursday.

Judge tells Harksen to get ready for prison

Fraud suspect Jurgen Harksen could find himself back behind bars at the weekend when the protective custody ordered by the Desai Commission draws to an end.

Alas! how vain are earthly hopes

A team of scientists from the United States' National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa) are on their way to Limpopo to observe next week's solar eclipse.

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