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Judge tells Harksen to get ready for prison

Fraud suspect Jurgen Harksen could find himself back behind bars at the weekend when the protective custody ordered by the Desai Commission draws to an end.

Alas! how vain are earthly hopes

A team of scientists from the United States' National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Nasa) are on their way to Limpopo to observe next week's solar eclipse.

Harksen tells of DA’s well-feathered nest

Democratic Alliance leader Tony Leon was aware of at least one of Jurgen Harksen's donations to the party.

Parties rally against defection law

The United Democratic Movement completed drawing up papers for its Constitutional Court challenge to the defection laws, as more parties rallied to its side.
  • DA defectors temporarily off the hook
  • Politicians in limbo after defection ruling
  • Victory for UDM, defections on ice
  • Oral sex can save South Africans from Aids

    As an alternative to riskier sexual practices, oral sex could prevent thousands of young South Africans from dying of Aids.

    Barnard defends his bunker

    Former Western Cape director general Dr Niel Barnard on Wednesday rejected ''categorically and with contempt'' suggestions that politicians in the province were bugged on his orders.

    Cosatu marchers ‘defend policies of the ANC’

    About 2 000 Cosatu members and supporters chanted ''Viva ANC'' outside Parliament on Tuesday as they delivered a demand on government to halt privatisation and job losses.

    Harksen ‘promised Cape convention centre contract’

    Jurgen Harksen promised an associate a contract to work on Cape Town's convention centre in return for a donation to the Democratic Alliance, the Desai Commission heard on Wednesday.

    Counting sheep as the big chill hits the Cape

    Heavy snow such as the recent falls in the North-Eastern Cape makes life unpleasant for sheep, but being trapped in the open doesn't necessarily mean frozen mutton.

    State agrees to Harksen payout

    The state has agreed to a R2,25-million payout to the trustees of fraud suspect Jurgen Harksen's insolvent estate in compensation for cash allegedly stolen by crooked cops.

    Humans have run up a hefty overdraft, says WWF

    The human race has run up a massive overdraft in its use of natural resources, according to a report released by the World Wildlife Fund.

    Shades of Watergate in Cape government

    Western Cape gangs held more sophisticated ''bosberade'' than the provincial government itself did, the Desai Commission heard on Thursday.

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