Bhaso Ndzendze

Philippines election shows how personality politics is our collective future in this digital populist age

These elections are a warning of how history can be washed over and and used to promote modern dynasties

Russia-Ukraine: Discretion is the better part of valour for South Africa

The Russian invasion has sparked debate in South Africa, with many misguidedly concluding that Moscow is a natural ally of the country. This is not rooted in contemporary reality. South Africa is correct in its current position and must answer two questions before moving forward: who has a claim on Soviet history, and does South Africa still have a foreign policy?

AI will change the study of psychology

The fourth industrial revolution, in particular artificial intelligence, will drive changes in the world of work and our daily lives

Trade with America thrived under Trump

Mutual mistrust there may have been, but economic activity between South Africa and the superpower remained robust. Now exports must diversify and create jobs

Beyond the digital cold war: Technology and the future of US-African engagement under Biden

Several African governments have published plans to establish smart cities, including Cairo, Johannesburg, Kigali and Nairobi. They require the most advanced technologies available

Chinese will not take over our classrooms

Learning Mandarin is about advancing South Africans’ development, not neocolonial power

Gatvol Capetonian trades on untruths

The group’s stance is in line with the rise of global populism, which is rooted in falsehood

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