Boonradom Chitradon

Thailand to lift emergency rule in Bangkok

Thailand said it would lift a state of emergency in Bangkok and three neighbouring areas, seven months after a bloody military crackdown.

Thaksin royal comments fuel Thai-Cambodia furore

Thailand on Monday accused Thaksin Shinawatra of offending the monarchy, stepping up pressure on the tycoon as he prepares for a trip to Cambodia.

Thai PM defends appointing airport siege leader

Thai premier on Tuesday defended his decision to appoint as adviser to government a member of a group that was behind a siege of Bangkok's airports.

Thai airport protesters vow to ‘fight to the death’

Protesters occupying Bangkok's airports vowed Friday to ''fight to the death'' after Thailand's prime minister declared a state of emergency.

Awestruck crowds greet Thai king on his birthday

More than 100 000 people lined the streets around Bangkok's glittering Grand Palace on Wednesday to cheer Thailand's revered King Bhumibol Adulyadej as he celebrated his 80th birthday. The crowds, dressed in yellow shirts and waving flags emblazoned with a royal emblem, lined the broad tree-fringed avenues leading to the palace.

Thai PM warns of unrest following bombings

Army installed Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont on Friday warned Thailand to brace for months of political unrest, saying new attacks could follow the deadly New Year's Eve blasts in Bangkok. "Based on the information that I have, the public must keep vigilant and alert for a period of at least a month or two," he told reporters.

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