Boris Cambreleng

China says Vatican position violates ‘religious freedom’

China said that Vatican opposition to the official Chinese Catholic body's ordination of a bishop amount to a violation of freedom of religion.

China scrambles to help five million displaced by quake

China scrambled on Wednesday to deliver tents and other essential materials to the five million people made homeless by last week's earthquake, as international aid began to flow in. With hope virtually extinguished of finding more survivors, soldiers and relief workers focused on the desperate plight of those displaced.

Space flight salutes the father of sci-fi, Jules Verne

He lit the imagination of countless youngsters with tales of derring-do -- of submarines that explored the depths of the oceans, of adventurers who crept to the centre of the Earth, of doughty pioneers who travelled to the Moon. More than a century after his death, Jules Verne is about to get a double recognition from the space community that he indirectly helped create.

China plans to build railroad to Tibet

The centuries-old lifestyle of nomadic herders on the vast plains of northern Tibet could soon be under threat from a Chinese plan to push them into towns built along the route of a controversial new rail line.

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