Bouazza Ben Bouazza

Tunisia garners praise for new Constitution

Global leaders attended the ceremony to formally adopt Tunisia's new Constitution as international lenders released funds to the now stable country.

Tunisia Islamists set for big election gains

As the country that launched the Arab Spring heads into an historic election next week, all eyes are on the long-repressed Islamists.

Tunisians vote with their feet and flee

A month after protests ousted Tunisia's longtime dictator, waves of Tunisians are voting with their feet by fleeing the country's political limbo.

Tunisian president suggests he won’t seek new term

Tunisia's autocratic president, facing riots that have rocked his nation, ordered prices on food staples slashed and suggested he will leave office.

Facebook gives jobless Tunisian youths room to riot

In brochures Tunisia is a land of endless sandy beaches and welcoming bazaars. But behind that are legions of angry jobless youths who see no future.

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