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Battle for Sri Lankan rebel headquarters rages

Sri Lankan troops assaulted the outskirts of the separatist Tamil Tigers' self-proclaimed capital on Wednesday, the military said.

Rice flies to India to ease tension with Pakistan

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was due in New Delhi on Wednesday as part of intense US efforts to ease tension between India and Pakistan.

Pressure on India, Pakistan to prevent Mumbai fallout

Diplomatic efforts to prevent India and Pakistan from heading toward a confrontation over the Mumbai attacks intensified on Tuesday.

Dozens die as Sri Lankan rebels counter-attack

Battles between Sri Lanka's military and separatist Tamil Tiger guerrillas killed dozens of people, the military said on Wednesday.

Kenyan ministers killed in plane crash

A Kenyan Cabinet minister and assistant minister died on Tuesday along with two others in the crash of a light plane near the Masai Mara game reserve.

Historic Kenyan coalition Cabinet sworn in

Kenya swore in a power-sharing government on Thursday to soothe fury over a disputed election that plunged the East African country into a bloody crisis. ''Our people are now in the process of reconciliation,'' President Mwai Kibaki said at the ceremony, nearly four months after the December 27 poll that triggered extreme violence.

Kenya rivals expect Cabinet deal on Monday

Kenya's president and future prime minister said on Sunday they had made ''substantial progress'' at talks to end an impasse over a power-sharing Cabinet and expected to clinch a deal on Monday. The two sides had planned to name the Cabinet on Sunday, but disagreement over the division of ministries scuttled that plan.

Govt says Kenya Cabinet naming to go ahead

Kenya's president and opposition leader met to break an impasse over the naming of a power-sharing Cabinet and the government said the ministerial line-up would be unveiled later on Sunday. The Cabinet is a critical part of a deal brokered in February to end the East African nation's bloodiest political crisis.

Kenya’s political deadlock deepens

Kenya's opposition on Wednesday accused the government of trying to spoil a power-sharing deal by seeking to vet new Cabinet ministers. President Mwai Kibaki and opposition chief Raila Odinga are at odds over the shape and size of a coalition Cabinet created under a pact to solve a post-election crisis that degenerated into ethnic violence.

Kenya power-sharing hits deadlock over Cabinet

Kenya's political rivals traded accusations on Thursday over who is to blame for the deadlock in plans to create a unity government and end the country's post-election crisis. The share flotation of top cellphone operator Safaricom -- the largest IPO ever in East Africa -- has also become an issue in the wrangling, officials and analysts say.

Kenyan Parliament passes part one of crisis deal

Kenya's Parliament on Tuesday unanimously passed the first of two laws required to enact a power-sharing deal designed to end the country's bloody post-election crisis. In a 200-0 vote, the legislature approved the constitutional amendment making positions in the Cabinet for a prime minister and two deputies.

Kenya’s Kibaki pushes peace deal, honours dead

President Mwai Kibaki commemorated on Thursday the 1 000 people killed during Kenya's post-election crisis and urged Parliament to enshrine into law a power-sharing deal intended to keep the peace. Kibaki opened Kenya's 10th Parliament with a minute's silence first for two slain legislators then for all the victims of violence.

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