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Tamil Tiger leader is dead, says Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's army chief said Tamil Tiger leader Vellupillai Prabhakaran's body was found on Tuesday.

US urges Sri Lanka to reach out to Tamils

As Sri Lanka declared victory in one of the world's most intractable wars, the EU and US urged its government to reach out to its Tamil population.

Sri Lanka declares victory over rebels, kills leader

Sri Lankan troops won the final battle in one of the world's most intractable separatist wars, and put the island nation under government control.

Sri Lanka’s long war in bloody final climax

Tamil Tiger rebels launched suicide attacks against Sri Lankan troops fighting on Sunday to deliver a death blow to the separatists.

Thousands cross lagoon to flee Sri Lanka fighting

Thousands of Sri Lankans under fire waded across a lagoon to escape the island's war zone, where the military has surrounded Tiger rebels.

UN: Sri Lanka must respect heavy weapons pledge

Sri Lanka must put in practice its latest pledge not to use heavy weapons as it fights the Tamil Tiger rebels, the UN said on Monday.

Sri Lanka says combat gives way to rescue

Sri Lanka on Monday said heavy combat was over in a last pocket of territory held by the LTTE and it was shifting its focus to rescuing civilians.

Sri Lanka tightens noose on Tigers, thousands flee

About 2 000 people have fled Sri Lanka's shrinking war zone over the past two days as troops fight towards a final showdown with Tiger rebels.

Sri Lankan soldiers kill 150 rebels as fighting surges

Soldiers killed 150 rebels carrying out waves of counter attacks, and the pace of refugees fleeing the war zone picked up speed over the weekend.

Sri Lanka rebels deny gunning down civilians

Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers on Wednesday denied gunning down civilians streaming out of the country's war zone.

Sri Lankan troops fight towards finale with Tigers

Sri Lankan troops surged forward on Monday after seizing the last big town held by Tamil Tiger separatists.

Tamil Tigers vow to beat back army offensive

Sri Lankan soldiers pressured the Tamil Tigers' last stronghold on the Jaffna Peninsula on Wednesday

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