Carmel Rickard

Lesotho’s top judge loses bid to stall probe

Five judges have said a tribunal to investigate if Judge Michael Ramodibedi should be impeached was fair.

Judicial protocol taken for a wild ride

A senior judge who sits on the Bench in Lesotho and Swaziland is facing a litany of charges, writes Carmel Rickard.

Appeal Court slams the door on civil liberties

'The message to civil rights lawyers is to pack their bags ...'

How will Mandela use his mandate?

If this week's mass action was Nelson Mandela's "referendum" he has clearly won a handsome mandate.

Shootings not unlawful, says Kriel

Minister's of Law and Order Hernus Kriel is refusing to pay compensation to two survivors of the Trust Feed massacre.

Adrian Vlok! Do you care about peace?

​Minister of Law and Order Adriaan Vlok has become the stumbling block to the Natal peace talks.

ANC backs critical peace proposal

The prospect of peace in Natal received a significant fillip as the big three - backed by the ANC - agree to hold peace talks.

As 30 die in a week, desperate plans for peace now

Buthelezi has taken exception to a recent Radio Freedom broadcast which implied that jailed ANC leader Nelson Mandela blamed lnkatha for the violence.

Puzzle of the bogus ‘HSRC’ research

Bogus questionnaires bearing the name of the HSRC are being used by a shadowy group apparently linked to state intelligence.

Judgement today on Emergency challenge

Judgement will be given today deciding whether an Emergency regulation is valid.

No Natal peace until detainees freed, says UDF

Youths are still living in church and community halls in and around Durban after fleeing their homes earlier this month to escape the violence.

Freed to talk to Inkatha. But not to UDF

The talks, under the auspices of the Pietermaritzburg Chamber of Commerce, were due to start yesterday.

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