Catherine Shoard

Closing in on a movie dream

Glenn Close's new film about a cross-dressing butler has been almost 30 years in the ­making.

Gender bender unsettles and affects

Glenn Close has been trying to get a film of <em>Albert Nobbs</em>, George Moore's novella set in the 1800s, off the ground since 1982.

No more business for monkeys

<i>The Rise of the Planet of the Apes</i> blockbuster reboot is out this week. <b>Catherine Shoard</b> revisits the history of primate films.

Rubik’s Cube is a natural blockbuster

As the career of Steven Seagal shows, Hollywood has a track record of breathing life into apparently inanimate objects.

Faith-based films in viewers’ good books

You don't need to show Jesus on the cross to make a hit religious film. In fact, you don't need that much religion at all.

Big Easy back on celluloid map

Louisiana is the third-most popular state in which to shoot a film in the United States, thanks chiefly to huge tax incentives.

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