Celean Jacobson

2010 legacy to help Africa’s fight against Aids

The Football for Hope centre in Cape Town -- one of 20 across Africa -- is out to teach kids about more than just the ''beautiful game''.

Tourism chiefs warn against World Cup greed

SA soccer and tourism officials are warning hotels, airlines and restaurants not to scare off tourists by hiking prices during the Soccer World Cup.

Tourists return to Zimbabwe

The number of tourists visiting Zimbabwe this year has more than tripled as entrepreneurs try to lure investors to the troubled country.

Mittal dismisses pollution claims

Strike Matsepe used his savings to buy a plot of land near the country's biggest steel mill, hoping it would become a thriving farm in his old age.

In South Africa, rape is linked to manhood

Dumisani Rebombo had not been circumcised, did house chores considered girls' work and was sick of being taunted for not being a man.

Village remembers Zuma’s boyhood

Some of Ngobela Magwaza's fondest memories of his youth are of herding livestock through the lush Zululand wilderness of South Africa with Jacob Zuma.

In SA’s thriving democracy, politics has become ordinary

Fifteen years after Nelson Mandela became president, South Africa is heading into its fourth parliamentary election.

Zim opposition: We have not agreed to unity govt

SADC leaders declared on Tuesday that Zimbabwe's rival parties had agreed to form a unity government, but the opposition said that was not the case.

Bizos, at 80, counts his blessings

As a boy, George Bizos fled Nazi Europe for SA, where he became a lawyer and defended Nelson Mandela and an honour roll of anti-apartheid leaders.

Zim unity deal offers media glimmer of hope

Newspaper editor Davison Maruziva says there's plenty of freedom of expression in Zimbabwe. The problem is, ''there is no freedom after expression''.

ANC Youth League wields its power

Regarded by some as troublemakers and courted by others as kingmakers, the ANCYL has been basking in the limelight recently.

Zim power-sharing talks ‘going smoothly’

Power-sharing talks between Zimbabwe's rival political parties were going smoothly on Monday, a South African official said.

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