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Chantelle Benjamin 1

Gauteng Hawks boss suspended again

Gauteng's Hawks boss has been re-suspended with immediate effect despite an initial suspension being withdrawn.

Hawks Gauteng head faces uphill suspension battle

Shadrack Sibiya obtained an interdict against his suspension as the head of the Gauteng Hawks, but there are more details to come about the charges.

Suspension notice for Gauteng Hawks head withdrawn

The Hawks have withdrawn the suspension notice for its Gauteng head, Major-General Shadrack Sibiya, with no reasons provided.

Poor conviction rate results in 50% rise in white-collar crime

People who commit lesser crimes serve time, but bigwigs can afford to buy time outside jail with prolonged court battles.

Asbestos payout came too late

Delays in the department of labour added to dying pensioner's distress.

Steep fines fail to deter collusion

Millions have been paid in penalties, but the practice endures – often, it is claimed, with the client's knowledge

Murky waters of environment disclosure cleared up

Companies will have to be more transparent about their environmental plans, and ensure they have nothing to hide

Contract amendments by email are binding

Names of parties at the foot of emails are found to constitute signatures

Concourt: Business ignores domestic workers’ rights

The Constitutional Court has ruled that domestic workers have the same rights as employees of liquidated business Pinnacle Point Group.

J Arthur Brown to appeal his sentences, says lawyer

Former Fidentia boss J Arthur Brown will apply for leave to appeal, his lawyer said on Thursday.

Know your rights, says new government programme

The justice department's Amarightza programme aims to educate the public and officials about the socioeconomic rights enshrined in the Bill of Rights.

The hidden dangers of class-action suits

Unsuccessful claimants could find themselves with a hefty legal bill should the case go against them

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