Charmain Naidoo

The cruelty of chocolate cake denied

Indulging in delicious, sugary food is a delight but the consequences are being tired, breathless, lethargic and bloated — especially for a diabetic

Winter’s frigid embrace awaits us

As we enjoy the last few weeks of autumn with its bright colours, remember that the rigours of winter are just around the corner

Like mother, like daughter

We try to be different to our mothers yet we become more and more like them

Refugees: The fallout of all wars

In World War I, millions of people fled Germany and millions fled when Germany occupied their countries; in Ukraine, it’s estimated four million will flee; and around the world there are 30 million refugees

Beating the drink demon: A wild story about seeking sobriety

Stopping drinking is easy. Staying stopped is hard. But Charmain Naidoo is proud to have been sober for 15 years

‘Unclean!’ Or how to tell people you’re Covid-positive

After 20 months of caution, I let my guard down. Now I feel terrible

The anomaly of Covid-19: Living in an in-between space

The coronavirus pandemic, and ensuing variants, mean we can’t make plans without the prospect of last-minute cancellations. But there’s precious little we can do about it

We danced our way to the Earth’s demise

We were warned at least 65 years ago but have only now started to talk about the climate crisis

Oh joy, my lockdown food is on its way

The pandemic dates us all and has changed us all. Our Netflix and Uber Eats profiles are proof

Will we weather the extreme weather?

South Africa recently had minus degree temperatures and the Middle East topped 50°C — and it’s all of our own making

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