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Zimbabwe appeals for more investment

Zimbabwe's political and business leaders on Friday made an impassioned appeal for an end to sanctions and for more international investment.

Africa scrambles to prevent arrival of swine flu

African nations are scrambling to prevent swine flu from reaching a continent already struggling with the burden of HIV/Aids and malaria.

What exactly is Swaziland celebrating?

Swaziland and its king are throwing a joint 40th birthday bash this weekend, but the mood is far from celebratory in this land of paupers and princes.

Mandela returns to prison for birthday fête

Nelson Mandela made a rare joint appearance with his former wife Winnie on Thursday at the unveiling of a huge bronze statue.

Call for more action on mother-to-child Aids

Activists and doctors on Wednesday accused the government of backsliding on promises to provide more effective treatment to prevent mothers passing on Aids to unborn children. The Treatment Action Campaign said that more than 60 000 babies are infected with HIV yearly in South Africa, most of them in the womb.

Botswana confirms first case of XDR-TB

Health authorities on Wednesday reported the first known cases of virtually untreatable tuberculosis in Botswana. The Health Ministry said there were two cases of so-called extremely drug resistant tuberculosis, or XDR-TB, as well as 100 cases of the slightly more manageable multidrug-resistant TB, or MDR-TB.

New rape laws to help protect victims

After a protracted delay, South Africa's tough new laws against sexual abuse will finally enter force on Sunday. The Justice and Constitutional Development Ministry said on Friday that the Sexual Offences Amendment Act will at last give greater protection to victims of sexual crimes.

Africa slashes measles deaths by 91%

In a rare public-health success story on the world's most beleaguered continent, Africa has slashed deaths from measles by 91% since 2000 thanks to an immunisation drive. Worldwide measles deaths fell to 242 000 between 2000 and 2006, a reduction of 68% made possible by the remarkable gains in Africa.

1 400 volunteers, 200 homes a week

Mona Miller's life will change this weekend. For the first time, she will have a real roof, solid walls and glass windows. Lights will come on at the flick of a switch, water will flow from the tap and she will enjoy the dignity of a toilet. Miller will move into her first proper home thanks to a building blitz by nearly 1 400 Irish volunteers.

Sudan wants SA to mediate on Darfur crisis

Sudan has asked South Africa to mediate on Darfur, Minister of Foreign Affairs Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma said on Tuesday as attempts to end a conflict that has killed more than 200 000 and forced 2,5-million from their homes appeared to founder. Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir met President Thabo Mbeki on Tuesday.

Pride and politics after World Cup final

Pride and politics mixed on Sunday as South Africans celebrated their Rugby World Cup final win over England. Festivities continued through the night as South Africans packed fan parks and restaurants and filled the streets with honking cars draped with the national flag.

New hunt for elusive Aids vaccine

The international scientific community is trying to inject new urgency and unity into the elusive hunt for an HIV/Aids vaccine, just weeks after trials with the most promising candidate to date were halted. At a conference in Cape Town, Alan Bernstein was named on Thursday as the first executive director of the Global HIV-Vaccine Enterprise, an alliance of researchers and funders.

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