Cory Doctorow

Google Plus forces us to discuss identity

Google's Real Name policy embodies a theory that states the way to maximise civility is to abolish anonymity.

Android and iOS both fail, but Android fails better

I'm enough of an old technology hand to know that any love we harbour for our gadgets is unrequited and generally tragic.

Durability not a bug for ebooks

HarperCollins's attempt to ensure ebooks in libraries can be loaned out only 26 times is indefensible.

Information overload: time to relax

The title of a fascinating Clay Shirky presentation has it that "It's not information overload, it's filter failure", writes <b>Cory Doctorow</b>.

Streaming will never stop downloading

Far from being a cure for the industry's woes, streaming wastes bandwidth, reduces privacy and slows innovation

Why economics condemns 3D to be no more than a gimmick

Somewhere in the past year or so, it seems as though every studio exec has decided to greenlight one or more blockbuster in 3D.

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