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Mugabe vows to win 2008 elections, rejects exile

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe vowed on Wednesday to win next year's elections and said nobody could ever force him into exile. ''I want to say here that I am not going anywhere. Here I was born. Here I grew up and here I shall die and will be buried,'' he told veterans of the country's 1970s war of liberation.

Mugabe hails army loyalty

President Robert Mugabe on Tuesday decorated his top military commanders and hailed the Zimbabwean army for standing by him despite a deep economic crisis which many critics blame on his government. Addressing a rally to mark defence forces' day, Mugabe said soldiers were playing a big role in government efforts to turn around the economy.

Mugabe says Zim will not change course

Zimbabwe's embattled President Robert Mugabe vowed on Monday he would not change course because of Western opposition to his policies and instructed landlords and businesses to seek state approval for all price increases. Mugabe (83) faces an economic crisis marked by the world's highest inflation rate of more than 4 500%.

Zim threatens white farmers over evictions

President Robert Mugabe's government has warned it will arrest white Zimbabwean farmers resisting evictions from new land targeted for black farmers, state media reported on Wednesday. Industry and union officials say about 600 of Zimbabwe's 4 500 white farmers have kept their land after the sometimes violent grabs by Mugabe's supporters.

Bad news on inflation deepens Zim misery

Zimbabweans were reminded on Tuesday that there is only one certainty in their lives. Prices are running wild and there is nothing they can do about it. The latest bad news came from Mozambique, where an International Monetary Fund official projected the Southern African country's year-on-year inflation could reach over 100 000% by year end.

Zimbabwe to debate nationalisation

Zimbabwe's Parliament opens a new session this week to debate radical plans to nationalise foreign firms and a law empowering the house to name President Robert Mugabe's likely successor without a national vote. Mugabe will on Tuesday officially open the last session of the House of Assembly and the upper Senate ahead of general polls due by next March.

Zimbabwe hunts spirit medium over false fuel claim

Zimbabwe police are hunting a traditional spirit medium who led President Robert Mugabe's government on a fruitless search for much-needed fuel she said was mysteriously oozing out of a rock. The Southern African state is battling with acute fuel shortages amid an economic crisis many blame on Mugabe's policies.

Zimbabwe central bank boss warns govt over fuel

Zimbabwe central bank governor Gideon Gono has warned President Robert Mugabe's government that it risks strangling the already battered economy by banning private fuel purchases in foreign currency. A severe economic crisis many blame on Mugabe's policies has left the Southern African state struggling.

Crisis-hit Zimbabwe scraps fuel scheme

Zimbabwe has scrapped a scheme allowing fuel purchases with foreign currency, removing one of the few remaining ways for people to acquire petrol in a country struggling with a crumbling economy. The facility is also used by foreign diplomats and officials working for international aid organisations.

Zim opposition activists detained over ‘bombings’

Zimbabwe police say more than 200 opposition activists and officials arrested on Saturday are suspects in recent petrol-bomb attacks on police stations, shops and some government supporters. Riot police, armed with pistols and batons, raided the Movement for Democratic Change's (MDC) head office in Harare on Saturday.

Zim orders extradition of Mann to E Guinea

A Zimbabwe court agreed on Wednesday to extradite a Briton wanted on coup-plot charges in Equatorial Guinea, rejecting defence arguments he would not receive a fair trial. Simon Mann, a former British special forces officer, has been held in Zimbabwe since he was convicted in September 2004 of attempting to purchase weapons without a licence.

Zim faces drought, but rejects devaluation

Zimbabwe's central bank on Thursday introduced a new foreign-currency bond to raise money to tackle a serious drought threatening the country, but turned down demands for a general devaluation of the local currency. In an emergency policy statement, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Gideon Gono also offered new price incentives for tobacco and gold producers.

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