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Morgan Tsvangirai ‘suspended’ by MDC

Infighting in Zimbabwe's main opposition party has intensified, with a splinter group announcing it has suspended leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

Africa and West at odds over disputed Zim poll

President Jacob Zuma on Sunday congratulated Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe on his re-election, in sharp contrast to Western governments.

Top Zimbabwe court refuses to delay July 31 election

Zimbabwe's Constitutional Court has rejected a series of government appeals to delay a July 31 general election.

Mugabe turns 89, says ruling Zim is his ‘divine’ mission

Robert Mugabe has said he had a "divine task" to lead Zimbabwe, shrugging off concerns about his health and fitness for office.

Zim media activist detained in fresh crackdown

A media rights activist has been detained by police in Zimbabwe, pointing to a crackdown on Zanu-PF dissenters ahead of elections next year.

Tsvangirai denounces Zim nationalisation plans

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe's main rival has denounced his plans to nationalise foreign-owned firms as "looting and plunder" by a greedy elite.

Zim tense over anti-Mugabe protests call

Internet campaigns calling for protests against the rule of President Robert Mugabe on Tuesday did not lead to any mass gatherings in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe heads into a storm with early election

Zimbabwe faces a new political storm with President Robert Mugabe pushing for an early election opposed by rivals.

Zim hopes to revive struggling state firms

Zimbabwe hopes to have clear plans by the end of the year on turning around 10 struggling state firms.

Mugabe wants closer ties with West

Zimbabwe wants normal ties with powers critical of its policies but will press ahead with a plan to hand control of companies to black Zimbabweans.

Mugabe’s party sees possible 2011 Zim polls

Officials say there is no reason for Zimbabwe not to hold elections in 2011, but analysts say the polls could be much later.

Zim hardships blight freedom celebrations

Zimbabwe celebrates 30 years of independence this weekend, but there is little hope in a country only slowly recovering from economic collapse.

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