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US warns 15 Kenyans they are blocking reforms

The United States has sent warning letters to 15 prominent Kenyans it says are blocking reform in East Africa's biggest economy.

Kenya’s Kibaki demotes police chief to post office

Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki sacked his police chief on Tuesday and sent him to run the post office.

Millions of Somalis in need of aid, survey shows

The number of people needing humanitarian aid in Somalia has leapt 17,5% in a year to 3,76-million, an authoritative study showed on Tuesday.

Mediator calls for DRC truce ahead of summit

DRC guerrillas and government negotiators must agree a ceasefire before a planned heads of state summit this month, a mediator said on Wednesday.

Somali pirates hijack Yemeni ship

Somali pirates have hijacked a Yemen cargo ship in the Gulf of Aden, a regional maritime official said on Tuesday.

Win sparks joy in Obama’s Kenyan village

Kenyans in Obama's homeland sang and danced with joy on Wednesday as the Illinois senator they see as one of their own became the US president.

Ethiopian rebels call for Ogaden aid corridor

Ethiopia's Ogaden rebels on Friday demanded that the United Nations Security Council secure an aid corridor to their homeland.

Somali pirates want $8m to free three ships

Somali pirates are demanding a ransom of ,2-million to free two Malaysian tankers and a Japanese-managed bulk carrier, a maritime official says.

Somali pirates a growing threat to shipping

Rapidly spreading lawlessness as Somalia collapses in the worst fighting for two nearly decades is fuelling a wave of piracy.

Piracy ransoms funding Somalia insurgency

An explosion of piracy this month off Somalia is funding an insurgency onshore as the hijackers funnel ransom payments to Islamist rebels.

Somali factions formally sign peace pact

Somalia's government has formally signed a peace deal with some opposition figures, United Nations officials said on Tuesday.

Kenya remembers deadly embassy bombings

Kenya on Thursday commemorated the 10th anniversary of explosions that tore through Washington's missions in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam.

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