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Taliban in Pakistan seek revenge for Nato bombings

Elderly Mohammed Nabi pounded his fist on the rug at his mudbrick house in south-west Pakistan and told how the Taliban recruited his cousin to avenge Nato bombings across the border. "He didn't say he was going for jihad, he said he was going to Afghanistan to visit our ancestral village about two months ago," raged the white-bearded Afghan refugee.

Six months in Pakistan quake refugees’ life

Before the massive earthquake that laid waste to a swathe of South Asia on October 8 last year, Assia Begum had four children. A few terrifying minutes afterwards, she had nine. Assia instantly took charge of five children born to her husband's second wife, Shenaz, who lay crushed to death in the ruins of their shared house.

Child deaths may ground Pakistan’s kite festival

Somewhere beneath the thousands of multicoloured kites that flash above the rooftops in defiance of a government ban, Rizwan Ahmed is mourning the death of his four-year-old son Shayan. ''You cannot imagine the horrible and tragic scene. My son's throat was completely cut open,'' he says from his humble home in a suburb of Lahore.

Pakistan quake victims await an uncertain spring

Spring is around the corner for millions of Pakistanis left homeless by last year's giant earthquake, even if it doesn't feel like it as Hafez Gullamullah tramps through knee-deep snow. When the thaw comes at the end of March in Pitchbala, the father-of-three and his fellow villagers will finally be able to start rebuilding their homes.

Invisible line divides Kashmir quake troops

For more than five decades they have shelled and shot at each other over the most heavily militarised frontier on earth, but now Indian and Pakistani troops are working side by side -- almost. The sight of the nuclear rivals' soldiers busily hoisting flags and driving bulldozers just a few footsteps away in the divided territory of Kashmir would have been unthinkable even two years ago.

Quake: ‘Not enough tents in the world’

A senior United Nations official said on Tuesday there are not enough tents in the world to protect refugees from the coming winter after the October 8 earthquake in South Asia. Tents are a priority item with about three million people made homeless, with many of them forced to live in the open in plummeting temperatures.

Aid flows into quake-hit Pakistan

Relief teams raced food and supplies into earthquake-hit areas of northern Pakistan on Wednesday as desperate survivors readied for a fifth straight night of cold and hunger. A child, a mother-of-three and an elderly man came out of different areas of devastated Pakistani-held Kashmir alive after being buried by the quake.

Thousands dead in Asian quake

Thousands of people were killed on Saturday when a massive earthquake measuring 7,6 on the Richter scale shook parts of Pakistan, India and Afghanistan, flattening houses and sweeping whole villages away. The confirmed tally of deaths has been pushed above 3 000.

Death toll climbs in massive quake

An earthquake measuring at least 7,6 on the Richter scale caused massive devastation on Saturday across a swathe of Pakistan, India and Afghanistan, leaving more than 1 800 dead with fears for many more. The quake triggered deadly landslides that wiped out entire villages.

Pakistan’s leader faces test in local elections

Pakistani voters went to the polls on Thursday for local elections that are being seen as a test of President Pervez Musharraf's fight against Islamic hard-liners and his commitment to women's rights. Five people died and scores were injured in clashes between rival supporters in the first elections in Pakistan in almost three years.

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