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In Libya clashes, rebels lose ground; UN gains access

Libyan rebels ceded ground to Muammar Gaddafi's advancing forces on Monday as the US came under increasing pressure to arm the opposition.

Libya rebels defend oil port but beg West for help

Ras Lanuf has done well from Libya's oil boom since Gaddafi nationalised the former Mobil terminal as part of his "people's revolution".

WikiLeaks supporters step up cyber-war

Hackers stepped up their cyber-war in support of WikiLeaks on Thursday.

WikiLeaks chief arrested in London over rape claim

WikiLeaks chief Julian Assange was arrested in London on Tuesday on suspicion of rape after surrendering to a Swedish arrest warrant.

WikiLeaks fights to stay online as founder’s arrest looms

The WikiLeaks website was fighting to stay online on Saturday after Sweden issued a new arrest warrant for its elusive chief.

Burma frees American, Suu Kyi still detained

John Yettaw's bizarre adventures in Burma ended on Sunday, but the woman he was on a ''mission from God'' to save remains locked up.

Musharraf plans impeachment fightback

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf will defend himself against impeachment by the ruling coalition, aides and allies said on Friday.

Musharraf rejects opposition calls to quit

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf rejected demands to quit on Wednesday and called for a ''harmonious coalition'' as victorious opposition parties mulled a grouping that could force the key United States ally from power. Musharraf was making his first official comments since Monday's crucial parliamentary vote.

Pakistan elections hang in the balance

Pakistani officials were to meet on Monday to decide the fate of scheduled January 8 elections, after Benazir Bhutto's party announced it would contest the vote despite her assassination. The vote, seen as a key step in the nuclear-armed nation's transition back to democracy after eight years of military rule, has been thrown into disarray by her slaying.

Musharraf starts new term as civilian leader

Pakistan's Pervez Musharraf was sworn in as president for a second term on Thursday, but this time as a civilian and without his army uniform to protect him from pressure to end emergency rule. Musharraf took the oath for another five years in office from the newly installed chief justice Abdul Hameed Dogar.

Musharraf heads for disputed election win

Pakistani lawmakers began voting on Saturday in a presidential election that Pervez Musharraf is set to win despite a court ruling that delays the declaration of a result and could yet deny him victory. Musharraf, who seized control of the world's only nuclear-armed Islamic nation in a 1999 coup, is assured of the votes he needs for another five year-term.

Musharraf attack ‘linked to siege’

A Pakistani cleric said a bid to shoot down President Pervez Musharraf's plane was apparently in revenge for the bloody government siege of his mosque, in which he alleged that 70 students had died. The claim came as fighting intensified on the fifth day of the stand-off between radicals holed up in the bullet-scarred Red Mosque in Islamabad and security forces

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