David Adam

Foodie has beef with vegans

Some say meat is murder, while others dismiss a meal without animal products as rabbit food. Now a leading United States nutritionist has given both sides something to chew on with a claim that parents who refuse to feed children meat are acting unethically. She says a lack of meat during the critical first few years of life could cause permanent damage.

Climate change: Is it just hot air?

Here is the truth about global warming: it is an anti-capitalist agenda, a Machiavellian political plot and a convenient rumour started by bungling Japanese pineapple farmers. It is a front for paranoia about immigration, an incitement to civil war, and the reason that the world's attention was distracted from the risk of a tsunami. Welcome to Britain's first meeting of climate-change sceptics.

God in a bottle

Nobody has ever seen a mysterious, sub-atomic fragment that permeates the atmosphere and explains how everything is the way it is. They call it the ''God particle''. Some say it doesn't exist but, in the ultimate leap of faith, physicists across the world are preparing to build one of the most ambitious and expensive science experiments the world has ever seen to try to find it.

Return of the Bionic Man

Call it the ultimate wireless network. From the ends of your fingers to the tips of your toes, the human body is a moving, throbbing collection of tubes and tunnels, filled with salty water and all capable of transmitting the lifeblood of the 21st century: information. And now the computer software giant Microsoft has been granted exclusive rights to this ability of the body to act as a computer network.

The day the sky exploded

Fifty-eight years later, using recently discovered large-scale Japanese maps, sophisticated computer models and new radiation measurements, scientists have completed a painstaking reconstruction of events in Hiroshima.

Jupiter-like gas giant discovered

The oldest and most distant planet yet discovered has been found 5 600 light years from Earth. It is 800 times bigger than our own planet. The discovery could force astronomers to rethink theories of how planets are made.

Cloning Keanu

It's not the first film to attempt to simulate human faces, butThe Matrix Reloaded is perhaps the first to pull it off. David Adam looks into the technology behind the hype.

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