David Jackson

A tarred minefield

Road-safety messages tend to be disseminated only during holiday periods such as Easter and Christmas.

An enticing option

Since 1995 South African investors have been legally able to invest a portion of their assets offshore and over a period since then offshore investmen

Getting our Act together

The state's involvement in the mining industry is of a complementary and supportive nature.

Value-added challenges

To excel in jewellery manufacturing, SA needs more than raw materials, writes David Jackson.

Sustaining development projects

The Industrial Development Corporation aims to develop a vibrant entrepreneurial junior mining sector in South Africa and the rest of the continent.

The need to step up

Without the necessary skills our raw materials aren't worth as much as they could be, writes David Jackson.

Make each decision count

Innovative financing and business solutions can often make a difference in making or breaking a business, writes David Jackson.

Claims exceed contributions

A significant and worrying development in the escalation of healthcare costs is that medical aid claims are now outweighing contributions.

Shake-up on the cards

New legislation will make healthcare affordable for every South African, writes David Jackson

Spreading the cost

Cross-subsidising the elderly and sick with younger and healthier members is a bedrock principle of South Africa's medical scheme legislation.

‘Market will grow, diversify’

Many card issuers offer the budget facility as a vehicle for card holders to consolidate their existing debt and -- in return -- they offer customers an incentive in the pricing, in the form of preferential interest rates.

Debit cards boosted by NCA

The rising popularity of debit cards complements the traditional credit card market.

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