David Saks

OPINION| Liliesleaf Farm is a vital part of South Africa’s history that needs to be preserved

The secret headquarters of the anti-apartheid struggle and the events that took place there in the early 1960s hold stories well worth sharing

G-d wags His finger a lot but still gives us hope

Judaism holds that people determine their own destinies but that G-d is ultimately in control and everything will come right in the end

Boycott of Israeli varsities is counter to academic freedom

‘Open letter’ reveals the Orwellian depths to which the radical anti-Israel lobby is willing to descend in order to stand reality on its head

‘Mousa Abu Marzouq’s article encapsulates the self-defeating culture of denialism’

Such an ideology allows for no wiggle room, no compromise, no taking into account of the claims of the other side.

Hamas’s new manifesto shows it still wants a one-state Palestine solution

The organisation’s new charter suggests only that a two-state proposal is an interim step to a final solution.

Israel’s not an apartheid state – it welcomes people of all hues

A core aspect of the inherent dishonesty of the BDS approach is in the way it persists in depicting one party to the conflict as innocent.

A rich history archive has been left to rot

Neglected MuseumAfrica has a treasure trove of collections that have been consigned to mothballs

ANC naive to trust Hamas’s advances

"Actually, Gaza is occupied, not by Israel but by a tyrannical Islamist regime that ruthlessly imposes its will on a captive, voiceless population."

Nothing particularly Israeli about xenophobia

No society is perfect and it is valid to criticise a country for actions that contravene the principles of basic human rights.

Misrepresenting the SA Jewish past

Associate director of the South African Jewish Board of Deputies David Saks weighs in on Kevin Bloom's views on the mentality around Israel.

Deadly missiles are the reality Asmal ignores

Israel's enemies have a strategy of provoking confrontation and then playing the victim, argues <b>David Saks</b>.

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