Deborah Jones

Huawei executive gets bail in case rattling China ties

Meng Wanzhou's December 1 arrest in Vancouver has shaken China's relations with Canada and the United States

Huawei exec seeks Canada bail, proposes electronic monitoring

Meng Wanzhou was detained in Vancouver on December 1 while changing planes during a trip from Hong Kong to Mexico, for possible extradition

Environmentalists buy hunting licence in Canada

Foreign big-game hunters will be banished from a vast area of western Canada's wilderness, local environmentalists said, announcing an unusual purchase of a commercial hunting licence. The Raincoast Conservation Foundation privately raised 1,35-million Canadian dollars (,17-million) to buy one of North America's largest guide outfitters

Research provides hope for simple treatment of obesity

Following just a few simple rules regarding moderate exercise, healthy eating and lifestyle can ensure weight control and lower the risk of disease, say the world's leading researchers on obesity. ''There's been a hysteria in place over the last many years,'' said Dr Steven Blair, who presented a key speech on the state of the art in exercise to an international science conference on obesity in Canada.

Bald eagles slaughtered for black market

Canadian wildlife officers are tracking smugglers in the macabre slaughter and mutilation of 40 bald eagles, which has shaken aboriginal people on Canada's west coast. The first dead birds were discovered on February 2 by a woman walking her dog on the reserve of the Burrard Indian band, a forested area across an ocean inlet from Vancouver, in British Columbia.

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