Dylan Bush

Is it dangerous to test yourself for HIV?

Two years of HIV self-testing in Malawi have shown no cases of suicide, intimate partner violence or self-harm.

‘If government can give us flavoured condoms, it can give us free pads’

Find out which departments need to step up to make free pads a reality for people who menstruate.

How to test for HIV at home

South Africa is one of just 23 countries globally that supports HIV self-testing. Find out how to take an HIV test at home.

How to prevent HIV with a pill

Mia Malan answers six important questions about the HIV prevention pill in three minutes.

Health MEC: ‘Esidimeni wasn’t my responsibility’

The former Gauteng health MEC says it wasn't her job to visit organisations prior to transferring state patients into their care.

[From our archives] The condom showdown: We put government’s new ‘love gloves’ to the test

The South African department of health's free condoms go head-to-head with the name brand competition.

The female orgasm is not a unicorn

If we start to think of the female orgasm as less of a unicorn and more of a regular pony, perhaps we would all be coming more, argues Demelza Bush.

Genderqueer: Existing outside the binary

When Demelza Bush was a little girl, she knew she wasn't. And they weren't a boy either.

M&G’s 2013 top 10 multimedia

What were you watching in 2013? From Malema to Pistorius and Nkandla to Zapiro, here's what got you clicking on our multimedia.

The hidden world of torture in South Africa

Most people think of the dark days of apartheid or the scenes from Abu Ghraib. But torture is right here at home, writes Thalia Holmes.

Documentary exposes lives, loves and fears of black lesbians

The focus on black lesbians is a welcome and much-needed change at the coming Out in Africa Gay & ­Lesbian Film Festival.

No room to manoeuvre

Emma Donoghue is the author of collections of short stories such as Kissing the Witch, The Woman Who Gave Birth to Rabbits and Touchy Subjects.

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